Farmhouse Makeover with Autentico Paint Neutral

Farmhouse Makeover with Autentico Paint Neutral

As a furniture artist, I love incorporating bold colors into my designs. White or light colors are most certainly never a front runner when selecting paint colors, but I had a vision for this beautiful Jacobean buffet - paint it white. After a brief identity crisis, I settled on Autentico Vintage Neutral and the results were STUNNING! It's the perfect white that's not too warm and not too cool. It's well, neutral. I share all the details on priming, painting, waxing, and bleaching wood below.

Supply List:
Autentico Primer - White
1L Autentico Vintage Neutral
Autentico Clear Wax
Autentico Taupe Wax

Prep Work: The work you put into preparing your furniture piece for painting/refinishing is hands down the most important step - your finish will only be as good as your foundation. For this piece, I used GreenEZ Degreaser and my Surfprep 3x4 Electric Ray Sander with the Maroon Non-woven abrasive to scrub the piece clean, and rinse with water.  Once thoroughly clean, I applied GreenEZ Furniture Stripper to the legs/trim and wrapped them with Cling Wrap to prevent the stripper from drying out. After 24 hours, I completely removed the stripper from the legs/trim using the GreenEZ Degreaser and steel wool.  I then sanded the existing finish on the body using an 100 grit followed by a 180 grit film abrasive and the 3x4 Surfprep sander. Final rinse with warm water.

Bleaching Wood:
The natural tone of the wood on the legs and trim after stripping the finish remained very orange so I decided to lighted the wood by bleaching it. I had never done this before so I took to YouTube to watch several videos to come up with a game plan before jumping in. I found several different methods, but the one I found to be easiest for my application was to create a 50:50 mixture of household bleach and water in a spray bottle. Lightly sprayed the mixture onto the legs/trim and allowed it to sit in the sun to dry. It's important to note that when using this method you want to make sure you aren't over saturating the wood and creating runs or drips. This will cause unevenness in color in your wood. As the bleach dried in the sun, I applied another coat of the mixture and allow to dry. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you reach your desired wood tone. The bleaching process leaves the wood coarse so once you reach your desired lightness sand the areas. I used the Surfprep 1/2" Foam Abrasive in varying grits until I reached a smoothness I was happy with. I would also recommend doing a test spot before jumping in to doing this over a large section. Just in case.

A stain blocking primer is absolutely necessary when painting with white or light colors. The tannins in woods like oak and mahogany can stain or discolor your  painted surface over time. Autentico's Primer works as both a stain blocker and aids in adhesion. I applied 2 coats of Autentico White Primer allowing each coat to dry a full 24 hours before moving on. You can really see the lighter tone of the legs after bleaching in the photo below.


One of the biggest reason I never go with white is because I feel like it always take what seems like a million coats to get full coverage, and the texture of most white chalk style paints is thicker which results in brush strokes. Surprisingly, I was able to get full coverage with Autentico Neutral in 2 coats. I used a large Oval ClingOn brush for this. I like the oval shape for getting into carvings and details, but its also great for making quick work out of covering large flat areas. When painting large flat surfaces like the tops of furniture, I always start about an inch or so above my wet edge and work towards it. This helps to prevent your paint from being uneven and also helps to eliminate brush strokes.


I had to give myself a sneak peek after painting. This was the moment I fell in love with this color! 

Wax Finish:
I love a wax finish on a chalk painted piece, and the protection and subtle sheen Autentico's clear wax provides is stunning. I have used several brands of clear wax throughout my time painting furniture, and I have to admit Autentico's is my favorite. It provides a durable water resistant finish, and dries rather quickly without leaving the piece feeling greasy. I applied a layer of clear wax over the entire piece, lightly buffed, and repeated. I chose to use clear wax over the bleached wood areas because I wanted to keep the tone as light as possible. Clear wax is the perfect choice for sealing natural wood surfaces.

While this piece was beautiful with the simple one color finish, I wanted to highlight the beautiful carved details and add just a bit of age to the piece. Applying a colored wax over a white or light tone can sometimes be a challenge. I chose Autentico Taupe Wax and applied it with a small short bristled stencil brush along the edges, in corners, and into the carved details. The result was a very soft, warm shading that really complimented the Neutral paint. 

A lot of time and love went into this piece, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Would you believe it actually sold within 4 hours of listing it for sale?!

I definitely think I will be exploring more white and light tones in the future.

What do you think? Do you love white or light tones? How about the bleached wood look - are you a fan? 


Happy Painting,


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  • Janet Morgan

    Jayne gave me your info. I am doing a piece similar to yours! Want to send a couple of pics and have a couple of questions.
    your work is wonderful!
    Janet Morgan

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