Creating an Industrial Grunge Finish with Autentico Paint - Rugged Refinery

Creating an Industrial Grunge Finish with Autentico Paint - Rugged Refinery

Do you ever come across a piece of furniture and you immediately have a vision for it? That is exactly what happened when I came across this Art Deco secretary style desk on Marketplace. I knew right away that this piece would be the perfect canvas to create an industrial grunge finish. 


Prep Work: The work you put into preparing your furniture piece for painting/refinishing is hands down the most important step - your finish will only be as good as your foundation. For this piece, I used GreenEZ Degreaser and my Surfprep 3x4 Electric Ray Sander with the Maroon Non-woven abrasive to scrub the piece clean. Typically, I repeat this process until the rag I use to remove the cleaner is clean. Once thoroughly clean, I sanded the existing finish from the piece using an 80 grit film abrasive and the 3x4 Surfprep sander. I went with an 80 grit abrasive to make quick work of sanding, and I also was not concerned about having a smooth surface as the finish I created on this piece is textured. 


Base Coat: To begin, brush on a quick thin coat of Autentico Vintage Nocturnal over the entire piece. It doesn't have to be perfect - this is just to give your texture mixture something to bond with. Next, mix about a half a pint of Autentico Vintage Nocturnal with 1 teaspoon of Autentico Rough Rock Creative Powder. You want the your mixture to be the consistency of cement - if the mixture is too thick you can add a small amount of water or more paint and mix thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency. Using a cheap chip brush, dab on this mixture in random areas where you would like to see texture or all over the piece for a full textured piece - the choice is yours. I chose to randomly apply the texture mixture to the drawer fronts and side panels, and full coverage on the base of the piece. 

Color Placement: The colors I chose for this piece were Autentico Paint Vintage Winter Night, Vintage Vert Anglais, Vintage Kaki, and Vintage Chocolate. If you are not familiar with Autentico Paint , Vintage is their chalk style paint and I absolutely love it. Excellent coverage and adhesion with proper prep, brushes on smooth, self-levels, incredibly durable, and doesn't have the feel of traditional chalk style paint.

When applying these colors, I began with the Vintage Winter Night brushing it along the outer edges and working towards the center I then applied the Vert Anglais, and a small amount of Kaki. I just stippled and blending them all together. The best part about an industrial grunge finish is that there are no rules, and it doesn't have to be pretty and perfect. You can see how I applied the colors during this Facebook Live.

In the Facebook Live video I also begin working with the Autentico Rust in a Jar  Creative Powders on the base of the desk. These powders are great for creating an authentic rust effect- they are available in Dark, Red, and Golden. You will also need the Base for Rust to mix with the powders in order to brush them onto your piece. For this piece I applied each color in thin layers by stippling them on over my textured base coat allowing each color to dry completely before moving on. You can do as many layers as you wish until you achieve the authentic rust look you're going for. Just remember too have fun!


Grunge Time: I was loving how this was turning out, but my color vision for this piece was a bit more of a muted, brown green so I decided to do a color wash with Vintage Chocolate. Simply mix a small amount of paint with water - I'm not one for measuring but I would say a 1:3 (paint:water) would be ideal. Using a brush, apply the paint wash over the piece one section at a time - this can get a little messy so you may want to have a drop cloth or plastic down. Work quickly to apply the wash to a small section, and using a paper towel or rag gently wipe back or blot the excess moisture off. It may look like you are removing all of the color, but as it dries you will see the tones darken. You can do this as many times as necessary until you achieve the look you are going for. Allow to dry completely before repeating the process.


Once you achieve the desired look, it's time to apply a clear wax.  I applied Autentico Paint Clear Wax using their natural bristle Wax Brush to the entire piece, and allowed to dry for several hours. To add a bit more grunge, I applied a layer of Dark Brown Wax with a natural bristle wax brush over the body of this piece making sure to get it down into all of the textured areas on the body of the piece. Using a clear wax first allows you to manipulate and control the dark wax easier. Gently wipe back the dark brown wax and allow to dry for 12-24 hours. 

After your wax has dried, it's time to take a step back and appreciate all your hard work. I decided this piece would make a great Industrial Grunge Drinks Cabinet! 


Please feel free to leave feedback and ask questions below - I would love to know what you think of this makeover.


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  • Jayne

    Thanks for sharing this Anthony, I really want to try this technique just have to find the right piece! The finish you created just got more beautiful the more you worked on it ❤️

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