Grandeur Art Deco Makeover with Autentico Paint

Grandeur Art Deco Makeover with Autentico Paint

Lately, I have been on a quest to create the perfect patina finish. Or - faded grandeur as one of my favorite artist Jonathan Marc Mendes calls it. The perfect patina finish may not exist, but I am pretty happy with how this Regency style chest of drawers turned out. I share all the details below to get you started on your own perfect patina journey.

Supply List:
Autentico Herbs
Autentico Poetic
Autentico Troubled Waters
Autentico Lava
Autentico Chocolate
Autentico Dark Chocolate
Autentico Clear Wax
Autentico Dark Brown Wax
Autentico Craquelure 
Autentico Decoupage Medium
Roycycled Art Deco Decoupage Peacock Tissue
Bronze Metallico
Autentico Rust In A Jar
Autentico Base for Rust

Prep Work: The work you put into preparing your furniture piece for painting/refinishing is hands down the most important step - your finish will only be asgood as your foundation. For this piece, I used GreenEZ Degreaser and my Surfprep 3x4 Electric Ray Sander with the Maroon Non-woven abrasive to scrub the piece clean removing the cleaner with a rag as I work. Next, I rinse the piece with warm water and a clean rag until the water runs clean. Once thoroughly clean, I sanded the existing finish from the piece using 180 grit sand paper.


This beautiful Art Deco Birds decoupage tissue from Roycycled Treasures was the inspiration for this piece. I had never decoupaged onto furniture nor had I conceptualized a design around a printed image, but I found myself inspired over a new challenge. 


Step 1: I began working on the side panels first as I was unsure how the decoupage was going to work out. I put down 2 quick base coats of Poetic. Once dry I applied a thin even coat of Autentico Decoupage Medium and adhered the decoupage tissue and left it to dry for about half an hour. One final coat of Decoupage Medium was applied over the tissue and allowed to dry.

Step 2: Using a ClingOn Oval 45 brush I laid out my colors lightly blending one color into the next without changing my brush. To create an ombre effect, I started with my lightest color Herbs, transitioned into Poetic, and finished with darkest tone Troubled Water. Lightly misting the areas where the two colors meet to help the colors to blend. I had to do this more times than I would like to admit until I was happy with how it looked. I like for my blended finishes to be as organic as possible so I wasn't looking for a perfect transition between colors or each color to be evenly spaced. 

Creating layers using tools other than a paint brush is a great way to create authentic looking aged and texture on a piece. I saw a video with Jonathan Marc Mendes - Painted Love and Jane from Plain Jane on Instagram where they discussed painting using tool other than paintbrushes. Their video inspired me to take a look around the shop to find new tools to paint with. I ended up with an automotive sponge, brown kraft paper, a chip brush, and a rag. 

Step 3: I created a color wash by mixing a few tablespoons of Dark Chocolate and water in a mug. Starting at the bottom I randomly brushed the color wash onto the piece using the chip brush, and lightly pounced the rag over it to remove some of the wash. Using a natural bristle chip brush creates texture and removing it with the rag creates different texture. I worked my way up the entire dresser repeating this process. Including over the decoupage tissue. I then repeated this process doing a color wash with Chocolate and Lava allowing each layer to dry completely. 
After a 3 color washes were complete, I repeated each color but using the automotive sponge to apply the wash and the brown kraft paper to remove it. Using the different tools with the same colors creates additional texture and variation in your color. The photo below shows how the bottom drawer looked after applying the first Dark Chocolate Wash. The more layers you add the more patina and age effect you get. My advice is to keep going until you're happy, and then do one more layer!

Step 4: I wanted to add an additional layer of texture and age so I applied Autentico Craquelure System  on top of the decoupage paper. This is a two step system that consists of a base coat and a top coat that when used together create a fine porcelain like crackle effect. It's simple to use - Apply an even layer of the base coat and allow to dry. The base coat will feel tacky to the touch when dry. Apply an even layer of the top coat and allow to dry. The fine crackles will appear when dry. A coat of dark brown wax over the top really highlights the effect. 


Step 5: I am always a fan of using a metallic so I brushed on a bit of Bronze Metallico here and there before applying Clear Wax to seal the painted surface. A few touches of Autentico Dark Brown wax brought all the elements together. 

I try to keep the original hardware on each piece I paint, but one of the drawer pulls were broken. After my efforts to find an exact match to replace it turned up fruitless, I order new pulls from D. Lawless Hardware. They were beautiful as is when they arrived, but they were much to shiny and new for the piece. I think rusted metal is beautiful and thought creating a faux rust finish on these pulls would be the perfect choice.

Step 6: Autentico's Rust In a Jar Creative Powders allow you to create authentic faux rust on any surface. Create layers of dark, red, and golden rust by stippling it onto your surface. This part is like magic - you layer and layer and suddenly it looks like rust. You HAVE to try this product! 

I absolutely love the way this dresser turned out. I hope you found some useful tips and inspiration in this post. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping bye.  Now, get out there and create!

Happy Painting,



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